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Debian vs. Ubuntu: Choosing the Right OS for your Server

So, you have decided to purchase a Linux VPS Hosting plan for your website. That’s good. Now, you need to figure out the Linux distro that you want to use. A difficult choice, but one that needs to be made. Each distribution offers its own set of pros and cons, and you must consider them well before signing the dotted line. In today’s article, we will explore Debian and Ubuntu and their feasibility for a VPS.

Debian vs. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is based on Debian, but both have different administrating teams. Hence, there are many similarities between the two – you can configure similar software, etc. Here is a quick look at their differences:

Debian Ubuntu
Debian is original Ubuntu is based on Debian
Recommended for advanced users Comparatively simpler and recommended for beginners
It focuses on free software only It uses free as well as proprietary software
Debian is considered