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Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi Management is the latest offering in innovation to give companies access to the most effective wireless network. With the cloud infrastructure managed services you need no more technical expertise. The managed WiFi provides users with access to a fast Internet connection via a managed WLAN. Managed Wlan based Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide the same benefits of dedicated networks, without the technical knowledge.

Managed WiFi provides a business with real time visibility into public wifi networks, which enables users to make quick and informed decisions about their usage of public Wi-Fi. Increase productivity, flexibility, improved insight into consumer behavior, increased customer loyalty, and increase employee engagement. Drive consumer loyalty by offering free unlimited WiFi on select devices, on demand. Track key metrics such as traffic times, cost per use, and average lulls in browsing by location.

Managed Wifi gives companies full visibility into all of their WLAN’s data including bandwidth, latency, and speed. Reduce deployment costs by using intelligent collection and reporting for both desktop and mobile device management. Manage devices across multiple enterprise networks with centralized control from end-to-end. Manage shared or solitary managed wifi access points and networks efficiently. Reduce downtime by consolidating device management, improving response time for critical business applications, and enabling seamless connectivity between multiple WLANs.

Reduce misuse and accidental termination of employee laptops by automatically blocking inappropriate use of company laptops. Block inappropriate use of company laptops by automatically blocking the use of certain apps, games, or websites. Block the use of wireless network passwords. Block unwanted software programs from installing on company laptops.

Increase productivity by streamlining desktop access point’s management and consolidation.

Consolidate WLAN access points and desktops into a single managed wifi service. Manage and secure company laptops with unique password enforcement features. Block malicious software applications by managing and enforcing unique username and password requirements for access points and desktops.

Businesses that rely on internet service providers (ISPs) to provide a wireless connection to their workplace can benefit from managed backends. With managed backends, business professionals can ensure that their internet service providers are able to deliver strong, reliable connections whenever they are needed. Businesses can manage all of the elements of their home wifi network: connect devices to the internet, monitor wireless speed and performance, control internet speed and usage, manage wireless passwords and networks, and enforce limits on internet use. This all happens automatically. Businesses can set the minimum connection speed, prevent overage charges, determine how internet usage is billed, and set limits on internet bandwidth and use.

Providers of mobile wireless devices can take advantage of a managed wifi solution.

Providers typically manage multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc. When multiple devices are connected, it’s difficult to determine how those devices are being used. A managed back office solution provides a single location that monitors and manages all of these devices. The managed back office also reduces overhead expenses since there is no need to hire additional staff to manage the devices and configure their settings.

  • Installing an efficient and effective home or work wifi system is essential. It’s not enough to simply choose a good provider: the quality of that provider must be matched with the desired end result.
  • To get an idea of how well your provider meets your needs, contact a provider today.
  • An expert will be able to give you a complete assessment of your current situation, your present wifi system, and what’s needed to ensure continued success.
  • When you make an appointment with a provider to discuss your wifi system and explore your options, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a managed system.