How to Prepare Your Mac for Resale

Do you have an older Apple computer that you no longer use and want to sell? Are you unsure about how to go about selling it?

The following are some tips and information that you need to know if you own an older Mac computer that you want to sell for a good price.

Mac for Resale

Putting Things into Motion

The first thing you need to know about selling your used Mac computer is that there is a vibrant second-hand Market for purchasing Apple products. Apple has a name that is well respected around the world and any product that bears its name is in high demand whether it is new or used.

iPhone is sold used around the world and is some of the most widely coveted used products manufactured by Apple. Even the older iPods that only play music are still very popular and command great prices in many countries around the world.

The top of the line Mac products which include laptops and desktop computers are probably the most sought-after Apple products anywhere. When purchased new, they are very expensive and unavailable to a large part of the population. Many people only look for used Mac products because they know that they will receive a quality product that is within an affordable budget for their needs.

They also know that because of the high-quality parts and build that Apple puts into its Mac products, buying a used Mac that has been properly serviced is as good as purchasing a new Mac. Additionally, because Apple is great at making sure that all the computers can utilize its current software, purchasing a used Mac will allow them to use the latest upgrades.

When you look to sell your used Mac, you can typically find high-quality resellers to purchase from you. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can get cash for your Mac from many of the UK’s great Mac resellers. Do your research first on what prices you can expect for your used Mac and then approach these companies and choose the best offer. But before you do so, there are a few things you need to make sure of regarding your Mac.

Preparing Your Mac for Sale

You should make sure that it looks its best, and that all of your data and important connections are disabled on the computer.

Clean it Up

Before you sell your Mac make sure that you clean it with a damp cloth. Clean the inside including the screen, keys, and the trackpad. Also, run the damp cloth around the outside of the computer. If you are selling a desktop you should do the same and also use a small vacuum to take out any dust or dirt that might have gotten into the unit.

Delete and Reformat

Before you sell your Mac, you need to make sure that all of your current data on that computer is deleted. First, make a backup of all of the files on the computer in case you might need them in the future. Use a portable hard drive to do this. Now that you have all your data saved somewhere else, delete all your files on the hard drive.

Next, you should sign out from iTunes, iCloud and any of the services where your computer has stored your login information. The next step is to unpair your computer with any Bluetooth devices. Finally, reformat the hard-drive on the computer. The goal is to leave no trace of yourself on the computer so that anyone buying the used computer will not be able to cause you any problems.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you should have a clean and reformatted used Mac computer. Now you can sell your computer and do something nice for yourself with the money you make.